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WV Bridges – Weekly Report – May 20-24, 2019

May 31, 2019

Serving this week on their first MDS assignment were six young ladies from Wisconsin, as well as a cook and her eight year old daughter. This was also the first week to have a complete team of ladies working on the WV Bridge Project.  The same two men from the WV VOAD office helped as well.  Thursday and Friday four volunteers from The Bible Center church in Charleston came to learn more about the bridge building process.

 Monday was spent doing final cleanup at Judy Parker’s bridge, followed by a short time of dedication and getting the tool trailer moved off site.  Tuesday morning the tool trailer was relocated to the Jerry Fisher bridge site and before the track hoe even arrived, the ladies had most of the old bridge boards removed.  While the banks were prepared for the footers, rebar was cut, stirrups bent and cages wired together.  Pipes were driven to bedrock, cages set in place, concrete for both footers poured by Wednesday afternoon and the deck completed early Friday afternoon.

Our Wisconsin team said the highlight of the week was getting the boards pulled from the old bridge before the track hoe arrived.  They set the bar high for themselves and continued to keep things moving.  We thoroughly enjoyed their lovely singing and our eight year old “assistant” cook.  Another memorable time was when a reporter from the local TV station (WCHS) came to do a news clip on the progress of getting bridges built under the RISE program.  Even though we had to take shelter one evening due to a tornado warning, rain never slowed down our work.

At the present time, no additional volunteers are scheduled for the WV Bridge project so we say goodbye to wild and wonderful West Virginia.  The opportunity to have a small part in helping damaged bridges be replaced as well as serving alongside wonderful volunteers is always fulfilling.  Once again, God’s love for all people has been shared by MDS volunteers.

Don & Rachel Horst, Project Director and Office Manager