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WV Bridges – Weekly Report – May 13-17, 2019

May 20, 2019

Joining us this week from Forest Hills Mennonite Church in Leola, PA were six volunteers as well as an additional volunteer from Gore, VA and two from WV VOAD.

By utilizing the big, old culvert and doing some dirt work, we were able to have both footers poured at the same time.  Probably the biggest challenge was when the culvert needed removed from the creek.  A truckload of rock was delivered to the house side of the creek but got stuck in the sticky mud when backing out so we brought additional rock and crusher run in by trailer.  A two-hour block was needed for each round trip to the nearest stone plant which meant two of our volunteers were not available during those hours to help work on the bridge.  Even so, this crew was able to complete the construction of the Judy Parker Bridge in five days.

A highlight at the start of the week was discovering a successful way to get the tool trailer to the house side of the creek. Another highlight throughout the week was having Anna & Jerry Rucker from Clendenin, WV so graciously prepare our morning and evening meals.  Their personal stories of the flood and life here in WV added greatly to our mealtime fellowship around the table.  Later in the week, our volunteers enjoyed getting a tour of the “bird” farm Judy and her family has.  Judy was quite grateful when she learned that our volunteers eradicated two copperhead snakes that they came across when moving rocks along the creek bank.

Next week our team will do the final cleanup at Judy Parker’s Bridge and move the tool trailer to Jerry Fisher’s place, where we will be building a 25’ bridge.

We are grateful for God’s protection for and provision of volunteers who come committing their time, energy and skills to showing God’s love to the dear folks here in West Virginia.

Don & Rachel Horst, Project Director and Office Manager