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WV Bridges – Weekly Report – Dec 3-7, 2018

December 7, 2018

Our week started by saying goodbye to Office Manager Dan Driediger and welcoming four new volunteers from New York.  They joined our leadership volunteers who are from Oklahoma and Kansas.  The weather forecast of no rain this week was also warmly welcomed! 

“Mud, mud, sticky mud” best describes what everyone had to deal with on the Maria Keen Bridge site. When a four wheel drive dually can’t pull a truck out of the mud, you know you’re in sticky mud!  The crew was diligent in trying to keep mud off the narrow road, but sometimes it was simply impossible.  One of our morning devotions from Psalm 100 reflected on being thankful.  Having a washing machine and hot showers is no small matter when it comes to dealing with the mud.  For these, we are thankful.

Our young crew enthusiastically tackled the tasks at hand, pushing wheelbarrow loads of rock to fill the last of the 14 gabion baskets.  Welding, concrete work and getting the deck boards installed, as well as numerous loads of crusher rock tamped down with the jumping jack were completed.  In spite of the snow showers and drop in temperatures, everyone gave their best to get this much needed bridge completed.   The homeowner has expressed numerous times that the bridge is far and above what he had expected.  

Additional work included bolting down the railing on the Henry Bender Bridge as well as installing the end posts with reflectors and a newly designed bridge sign.

Highlights for the team were holding the sweet Alaskan Malamute Husky puppy that the homeowner has and taking time for some good ROOK card games in the evenings. 

We packed up things in preparation for the tool trailer and equipment to go into storage for the winter.  Praise be to God for another safe, productive week of giving folks in need a helping hand.

Don and Rachel Horst