Winter Haven, FL RV – Weekly Report – Mar 2-6, 2020

March 31, 2020

The first week of March has been a week of transition for some of the group.  Ed and Ruth Basinger, Hesston, Kansas, arrived on Wednesday, February 26, so that Ruth could receive orientation from Mim Heisey for the role of Office Manager.  Brian and Debbie Schwartzentruber, Bayfield, Ontario, Canada, arrived on Saturday, February 29, to begin their month of service.  John and Laurel Buckwalter and Ray Mim Heisey left the project on Friday and Saturday, respectively, as their terms of service were completed.  Couples who are continuing for the month of March are Fred (Project Director) and Millie Hershey, Huntsville, Alabama; Joe and Roxann Livermore, Germfask, Michigan; Ev and Bev Moore, Paw Paw, Michigan and Jim and Naomi Weaver, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Saturday afternoon, Julieanna (Job #2) gifted us with two large pans of beautiful, ripe strawberries that she had picked.  That evening, we gathered at Fred and Millie’s RV to enjoy ice cream and strawberries and getting to know each other.  On Sunday, we attended church together, ate lunch at Panera Bread and then played Kubb, a lawn game which was new to most of us.  Since most of the group is from the North, we enjoyed the warm sunshine – a definite change from our homes.

Monday morning, everyone began work at Pam’s home (Job #4), removing carpet and replacing it with laminate flooring, painting and repair work on a bedroom window.  On Tuesday, the group split up with Ev, Bev, Joe and Jim continuing to install flooring at Pam’s home; Fred, Millie, Brian, Debbie and Ed started a new job at Carlos and Marian’s home (Job #5).  At this site, they worked in a bonus room, hanging drywall, painted the ceiling and walls, while Ed and Brian worked outside, replacing the soffit.  Since this was a relatively short job (finished on Wednesday), a traditional home blessing was not held, but the volunteers who worked there presented Carlos and Marian with a Bible.  Carlos and Marian were very moved by this expression of care and our group felt it was a highlight of the week.

On Thursday, the entire group went to Pam’s to finish the work there.  Julieanna (Job #2) joined us for the day – she appreciated the work done at her house and wanted to volunteer alongside us.  Thursday evening, we gathered to eat together – Millie’s delicious beef stew, salads and bread – ending with Basinger’s homemade ice cream and more strawberries – ice cream and strawberries never get old!!!

Friday, most of our group went to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City and enjoyed an afternoon concert by Dailey & Vincent and Jimmy Fortune.  Guess what?  Most of us had strawberries (again!) with shortcake at the Festival.  The size was amazing!!  It was a beautiful day and a great way to end the week.

Written by Ruth, Office Manager, for Fred, Millie, Ed, Ev, Bev, Joe, Roxann, Jim, Naomi, Brian and Debbie