Winter Haven, FL RV – Weekly Report – Jan 20-24, 2020

January 28, 2020

As we wrap up this week in Winter Haven, we are looking forward to our first House Blessing and Dedication Celebration.  Joe Livermore and Ray Heisey finished laying the new vinyl floors in the living room, bedrooms and entry, but still need to finish the baseboardsMillie Hershey did more patching on ceilings and walls than you might imagine, getting them in shape for finish painting, and installing a new vanity completed the renovation of a full bathroom for the family.  The 95 year old homeowner will see quite a difference when he comes to the House Blessing next week. 

The United Methodist Church’s “Florida Restores” partners worked alongside our volunteers this week.  They worked on the exterior, repairing or replacing damaged soffit and facia, and when that is finished, there will be priming and final painting to be done.  Angela, the homeowners daughter, has been diligent to sweep up her new floors when she gets home from work, giving us a fresh start in the morning. 

There was an unexpected job that cropped up on our list. After looking at several ways  to handle the original bath, it was decided that the best option was to remove the old cast iron tub, with its leaded pipe connections, and convert that room into a half-bath, since we now have a “new” working full bath Experienced plumber Lynn Kipfer was no stranger to the task, and with earplugs and safety gear in place, attacked it with a 20 lb sledgehammer.  In a relatively short period of time, though not without protest, he had the tub reduced to 5 or 6 big chunks and a pile of smaller pieces. Care was taken to remove all these sharp-as-glass shards, as well as the 4ft length of tree root and other debris that remained under the tub, before making a smooth floor in its place.  Val Kipfer and Roxanna Livermore completed the painting and another room is DONE! 

We usually eat together on Thurs evening, after the week’s work is done.  This week we had a special treat. Some members of St James UMC that is hosting our RV site in their parking lot, put their ‘smoker’ to work and made us a proper southern BBQ meal.  Yummy!