Winter Haven, FL RV – Weekly Report – Jan 13-17, 2020

January 22, 2020

Another beautiful week wrapped up in Winter Haven! (It was a little hard to get bragging rights on it when you guys up north were having such spring-like weather last week.  But I hear that winter has returned up there.  It is still beautiful here, though cooler than last week’s 80s.)  By the end of the week our team had gotten an amazing amount of work done on the modest concrete block house we are renovating.  2017’s Hurricane Irma did major damage up thru this area, and this is just one of the homes that still needs work.

Millie, Val and Roxanne have been prepping, priming and painting walls, ceilings and trim, while the 4 men on the team were more focused on plumbing and flooring.  Perhaps as importantly, they have engaged the homeowner’s family in conversation as they worked.  Ann, the daughter of the homeowner, asked Lynn Kipfer and Ray Heisey if she would be able to learn to lay the flooring planks, so they took time to show her how it was done and let her help.  While it sounds like a little thing, that is the kind of interaction that brings hope and builds confidence into the lives that we touch.