Winter Haven, FL RV – Weekly Report – Feb 3-7, 2020

February 12, 2020

Beautiful weather again now, but we got a taste of nasty wind and rain on Thursday night when a strong front roared thru and had us rocking in our camper beds.  Thankfully no damage to any of us or our units, though a tornado warning was posted just west of us.

Our current client, Julieanna Wilkerson,  got down and got her hands dirty along with us, laying a little flooring with John Buckwalter and Everett Moore.  The MDS ladies continued prepping and painting ceilings and walls—which sometimes seems a never-ending job.  But oh, what a difference it makes!  Ray and Joe continued in the bathroom, tearing out the old tub and lavatory and replacing it with new—twice! (After the tub was in, Joe discovered it had a default, a hairline crack, so out it came and back to the store for another one.)

Pictures cannot well describe the heartbreak  and the scope of the work to be done.  Rain is long gone, but the ruined ceilings and soaked insulation, plus perhaps years of accumulation of dirt and dust above it need to be pulled down and disposed of.  It is a mess, for sure!  Water damaged walls are ripped off and prepared for replacement drywall. Old flooring is removed and new laminate installed. All hands may be called on deck to help unload supplies from the truck, and a camaraderie develops as we work alongside like minded individuals who are becoming friends.

Meals together strengthens newly formed friendships. We all fit the “55+” moniker, though none of us will lay claim to the title of “old”.   After a shower and supper, or over the weekend, a lively table game of Rook or Golf may add its own special flavor to the day.  And on Mondays we are ready to go at it again.  It is a satisfying routine.  Consider joining us.