Winter Haven, FL RV – Weekly Report – Feb 10-14, 2020

February 21, 2020

This month there are 10 of us serving together at MDS’s Winter Haven RV Project. Project Director Fred Hershey, and his wife Millie, are from Huntsville Alabama, Office manager Mim Heisey and her husband Ray hail from southern Pennsylvania, and Joe & Roxanna Livermore are ‘Yuupers’- from the upper peninsula of Michigan. Then there are the two couples that joined us Feb 1st: John & Lauren Buckwalter, from the great state of New York, and Ev & Bev Moore (makes it easier to remember new names when they rhyme) from ‘the lower 48’ of Michigan. So you can see that we come from hither-thither-and yon.

We come with a variety of skill sets; prep-er, painter, plumber and flooring installer just to name a few. (Oh, chief bottle washer and sweeper upper are needed , too.) From beginner, thru novice to expert in some cases, we bring our skills and willing minds and hands to learn from one another, and we see much get accomplished.  Most of us did not know each other before we joined for this adventure, but we are learning to be friends and will look forward to working together again on another project, in another place, and another month or year. 

This week we tore into the cabinets in the kitchen, removing the lower ones that were in such a worn, water damaged state, and purchased new ones. (Julieanna wanted white cabinets, if she could please.) We climbed over and around one another, painting walls and trim that we had cleaned & prepped last week, some with newly hung drywall.  We placed laminate flooring over surfaces made as level as we could get them, plumbed fixtures and painted those walls to create a pleasant new bathroom for this client to enjoy using each day.  We listened to and prayed for our client, Julieanna Wilkerson, who faces more ‘giants’ in her life than just hurricane damage to her home, though that is significant enough of itself.  You, too can pray for her and for us as we serve. In the midst of turmoil we hope to bring ‘hope’, along with the refreshing that comes from knowing someone cared enough to share in this tough place.  

  All this intricate layering of jobs was orchestrated  by Fred Hershey, our Project Director, and Florida Restores Construction Supervisor, Jim Guthrie, so that we have materials available when we need them.