Willow, AK – Weekly Report – July 12-18, 2020

August 11, 2020

The MDS project in Willow, Alaska was by invitation from the community itself. Volunteers were asked to follow the safety protocols and procedures put in place by MDS to ensure that the communities and people that we serve are protected. As MDS looks to reopen projects, the Benchmarks for Project Startup document will be used to guide the decision making process.

This week was the opening of the project in Willow, Alaska. There were seven leadership volunteers and seven “weekly” volunteers from California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Virginia. 

Willow was the site of a fire last year that burned over 3,000+ acres.  Work was begun on 3 sites, with 2 being complete new builds, and one being a repair and addition.  For each of the new builds the floor was completed on the first day of construction.  Exterior walls were put up and most of sheeting applied.  On the third house foundation work was completed in preparation for existing house to be raised up and attached to new foundation.

It was amazing to see the progress made on the first day, as well as the first week.  The homeowners are thrilled that they will have a closed-in house by the end of MDS’s time here.  The plan is for the homeowners to complete the inside finishing on their own.

Next week the sheeting will be finished and trusses will be put up.

The grandson of one of our clients brought us four huge fillets of smoked salmon that the volunteers have greatly enjoyed for several days as appetizers.  Our camp host also barbecued the same amount of freshly caught salmon for us on Sunday. So delicious!!