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Williams Lake, British Columbia, Weekly Report, Oct 22-26, 2018

October 30, 2018

Five weekly volunteers from Saskatchewan and British Columbia joined the seven long term volunteers from Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.  The weather was beautifully warm and sunny and the work accomplished was amazing.

At Joan Scheffler’s home the last cabinets on back order were finally installed and the punch list completed.  She is very happy with her new home!

At Jim & Sue Carlson’s home the last of the siding was completed and another house is off the work list.  The Carlsons and a grandson joined us one evening for supper. 

At Rita Petrin’s house work on plumbing, fascia and soffit continued. Deck post and railing was nicely done, bedroom closet doors and wire shelving installed, and 3 cabinet pieces are left to install. Next week this will be our focus house.

At Sandi Chilton’s house the push was on to “get ‘er done.”  The last of the insulation was blown into the attic.  The deck railing was completed and the last of the siding and trim was finished.  Final adjustments were made to cabinet doors. Drywall was hung in basement stairway, taped & second coat of mud applied and railing installed.  In the handicap bathroom the last pocket door was installed, the bathtub was installed, plumbing was finished, tile was glued around top of tub and the grouting was finished, and towel bars & toilet paper holders installed. The last air return register was homemade and looks great. Then the last baseboard & trim was put on and the final touch-up painting completed. Power was finally connected and the electricians came to install switches, plugs, lights and make sure it all works. Hillside Water & Pumps came to connect up the water system. A major clean up inside and out with truckloads of trash taken to the dump made the house shine.  The dedication held Friday afternoon was a wonderful event.  Sandi and daughter Pam have a beautiful home to move into.

Next week will be all hands on deck at Rita’s because a dedication is planned for Wednesday.

Thanks be to God for great weather, safety and dedicated volunteers.

Sandi Chilton’s home dedication