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Williams Lake, British Columbia, Weekly Report, Oct 7-13, 2018

October 16, 2018

Twelve new volunteers arrived this week from Alberta, BC, and Manitoba, so together with the long term crew from last week, we were a total of nineteen.  Everyone contributed towards rebuilding what the 2017 fires had taken away.

At Rita Petrin’s house the acoustical sealant was used to install the vapour barrier in the basement cavities between the floor joists.  All of the flooring underlay was installed by Thursday and 20% of the vinyl flooring installed. Rita was excited to be able to join the ladies’ crew one day to help with the painting of doors and baseboards.  Half of the metal roof was redone to put on the water shield membrane first. A big clean up involved taking three loads of garbage to the dump.  The septic tank and field were installed by contractors.

At Sandi Chilton’s house, a crew of 2 or 3 installed most of the vinyl flooring.  On Thursday the concrete basement floor was poured and left to dry.  Sandi’s generous gift card for save-on-foods and a home grown turkey were a token of her appreciation for MDS’s work on her house.  The turkey will be incorporated into Bonnie’s menu next week.

At Jim & Sue Carlson’s house the rain created a mud bogging effect early in the week. Even so, much was accomplished.  Different crews worked on siding, plumbing, and finished the soffiting.  Part of the basement stairs were redone to even out the stair step distance.  Kitchen and bathroom sinks were installed & grouting finished.  The ladies’ crew did an excellent cleaning job and many garbage runs were made to give the house and yard a shine for the dedication on Friday. The stackable washer & dryer were delivered and installed on Friday.  The dedication was well attended by friends, dignitaries, and MDS volunteers.  The program, presentations and stories shared were meaningful and moving. The Carlsons have a beautiful home where once was a pile of debris and ashes.

Audrey Rempel presented Carlson’s with wall hanging