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Williams Lake, B.C., Weekly Report, Sept 10-14, 2018

September 20, 2018

Weather in Williams Lake has offered us a real mix this week, from sunny days, to a steady rain, cooler temps and ending with gently falling snow.

A total of 22 volunteers were in Williams Lake area, with 4 additional serving in the Hanceville RV program. The volunteers this week represented Pennsylvania, California, Virginia, Indiana, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba.  This Friday we again bid our adieus to our valued short-term volunteers:  Galen, Larry, John, Randy & Heather, Gerald & Lee, Lucille, Denis, Larry, Denis, and Michael.  Their home building, cooking and coordination contributions were much appreciated and we enjoyed the pleasure of their company on the work site, at supper times, playing Foosball, puzzling and rook games.

Progress on the Joan Scheffler house continues with finishing touches – bi-fold doors were hung and painted, plumbing completed, closet shelving installed and all the windows and bathroom were cleaned.   The kitchen cabinets arrived on Wednesday and installation began on Thursday!   The house dedication is tentatively scheduled for the week of September 24.   

At Jim and Sue Carlson house, this week’s accomplishments included:  the kitchen island  was installed, the laminate flooring was completed, interior doors hung, windows frames and doors were caulked, and Jim and Sue installed the outdoor decorative beams.  They joined us for supper on Monday and shared their touching story and a song with us.

At Sandi Chilton’s house the bath tub is installed and they are ready for the furnace to be put in. Gables are painted, the site is graded, railing posts and spindle rails are cut, and significant progress was made on the siding placement.   The dry-walling crew arrived on Wednesday with completion on Thursday.     

A group of four from Alberta joined us this week to specifically focus on the beginning of Rita Petrin’s home.  All preparations were completed for the pouring of concrete on Wednesday.   In spite of a rainy and cool day, the cement was eventually poured.    The next door neighbour has been hired as a security watch for the site.   The women from the kitchen and office as well as Mim visited the Carlson and Petrin site and were privileged to provide a ride for Rita so she could see her house in progress!  Rita is invited to join us for supper next Thursday and we look forward to interacting with her as a group.

As a group we continue to be grateful for the work we are able to do and have been safely protected from any major incidents.   We are also keenly aware of God sightings in our everyday interaction with people and guidance that God provides in the daily decisions needing to be made.    We also look forward to the upcoming week with another new group of willing volunteers.

Submitted by: Dave, Donalda, Brydon, Esther, Matthew B, Leo & Mim, Matthew M