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Williams Lake, B.C., Weekly Report, July 29-Aug 4, 2018

August 10, 2018

A youth group from Elmira Ontario, a couple from Alberta, one man from Manitoba, the coordinators from Okotoks AB and the new cook from Manitoba arrived Sunday in time for orientation at 7pm.  After a week of working together we were more like a family than just a group of volunteers.  The accomplishments of the week has given renewed hope to homeowners looking forward to their new homes.

At Joan Scheffler’s house mudding and taping of drywall went on all week and reached the third coat stage.  The soffiting was completed around the whole house.  Siding and trim continued to near completion; only a few boards left to do.  The basement I-joists were blocked for strength and numerous truckloads of garbage were hauled to the refuse depot to make the yard look great.

At Jim & Sue Carlson’s house putting up dry walling was the main event of the week.

At Sandi Chilton’s house outside sheeting was completed on studded basement walls.  All the I-joists were put in place and bracing /stiffening of I-joists was completed.  Rim joists were installed and the complete floor was sheeted.  On Friday all crews were on hand to raise three walls, and the fourth was laid out, ready for Monday’s crew.

The progress of these houses will continue at a steady pace as a change in leadership for next week meant some overlap with outgoing leadership this weekend.