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Williams Lake, B.C., Weekly Report, July 22-28, 2018

August 10, 2018

A group of 15 including youth and leaders from Altona Sommerfeld Church arrived Sunday ready to stretch their legs and excited to be in Williams Lake, BC. Ted and Mark also joined the crews going to the job sites all week.

At Joan Scheffler’s house more pot lights were wired up and installed. Two by twos were nailed up as soffit backing and most of the soffit around the house was installed. We had a few trips to the lumber yard before they got us enough of the right kind of soffit to do the whole house. Flashing was put over the belly board around the house, then a starter strip was put on for the siding. The end wall and one side wall got Hardi Board siding up to the top of the windows, not forgetting window flashing and smart boards around the windows. The crew working inside the house got the rest of the drywall on and did a great job of starting with the taping and mudding. Western Wood Heat finished installing the furnace, the ducting and air returns.

At Jim & Sue Carlson’s house, posts and beams for the porch were put up, and the front door deck and stairs were built. It is so much easier to get in the house with the stairs finished. The walls were insulated and spaces around windows foamed. Then vapor barrier went on and acoustical sealant used to seal seams. The soffit was put up and the green tin on the roof was completed by the end of the week. Plumbing was started. With the Carlson’s family helping to rebuild their parents’ home, it is lovely to see the progress and the relationships built.

At Sandi Chilton’s house a heavy tamper was used to pack the dirt on the back filled areas around the house. After anchor bolts and sill plates were in place, the stair step like walls for the walk out basement were the first to go up. Then up went the south basement wall with 3 large window frames and one door frame. The main beam came next and then some floor I-Joists were set in place. Most of the basement studded walls got sheeting put on the outside. Hoping to complete the floor next week and start on main floor walls.
It was really amazing that so much work got done this week while the weather was so hot! Keeping hydrated is important and we were always well fed at meal time. The group even had energy for some fun at Bob’s beach one night.