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Williams Lake, B.C., Weekly Report, July 15-21, 2018

July 26, 2018

This week Cariboo Bethel Church was hosting a hockey camp so no short term MDS volunteers were scheduled. Four long term volunteers made up the whole crew and the RV program at Hanceville had 4 couples.

At Joan Scheffler’s house the drain system was filled with water over night to check for leaks.  No leaks found.  The material for siding and soffit was prepared to be ready for the coming Monday’s crew. 

At Sandi Chilton’s place the last of the bracing and scaffolding for the basement walls was cleaned up.  Then ICF membrane was applied to the outside of the Fox Blocks walls and ½” treated plywood screwed over the membrane at grade level.  Drain tile hoses were laid around the footing, then the high-hoe placed drain rock on top and back filling was started.   Quality Excavating and their high-hoe also dug the hole for the electrical pole and the trench for the electrical cable and phone wire.  D&S Electric put up the meter on the pole and laid the electrical cable and phone wire to the house.  The framing package and the floor joist package are ordered for Monday.

At Jim & Sue Carlson’s in Hanceville the RVers installed insulation stops and completed drywall blocking.  Roof drip edge, Tyvek and facia were finished.  Four window openings were resized and seven windows were installed and sealed.  Roof extensions were made over the deck part, ice & water member was put on and the roof is ready for tin. More electrical rough-in was done.  A regular local volunteer’s birthday was celebrated with a cake.

Looking forward to another youth group arriving Sunday July 22.