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Williams Lake, B.C., Weekly Report, Aug 5-11, 2018

August 27, 2018

Our week began with a turnover of a number of new volunteers. We have a new project director, office manager, short term volunteers and two couples from World Renew along with our long term volunteers. We started our Monday morning jobs with excitement and anticipation.

We are saying goodbye to our cook Connie Goertzen who has been in Williams Lake for two weeks. Thanks Connie for preparing and serving excellent meals and lunches.

At Sandi Chilton’s home on Monday August 6th we raised the walls and continued framing the garage and inside walls. The trusses were delivered and put up. The fascia was attached and the sheeting (OSB) was laid for the roof. This home had the walls raised and the roof started within the week.

 At Joan Scheffler’s home the group mudded the drywall in the closets, walls and ceilings. The porch and gables were also worked on. On Wednesday the sanding of the drywall was started and completed so primer can be painted next week. The pocket doors were installed. The beams on the front porch were clad and the siding work continued. The lower level flashings and the trim on the lower windows were worked on and painted.

The RV volunteers continued to work on Jim and Sue Carlson’s home in Hanceville. The bath tub and shower were finished and the other indoor plumbing was installed. Two posts, made from harvested wood and a 4×10 cross beam were placed on the front porch and cleaned for staining. The deck was partially framed and some drywall was completed. The plumbing was worked on so the concrete floor can be poured next week. The indoor plumbing was tested and repairs made where needed. Two volunteers from the unit in Williams Lake went to help each day.

We have been so blessed this week with the generosity of the local community. Pizzas were provided by a local shop on Wednesday evening and will continue every week till the project ends. What a treat!!!The RV group joined us for this supper. Also, a local stained glass artist offered to come and teach us how to make sun catchers and pendants. He wanted us to have a souvenir from Williams Lake and to help us relax at night. Most of the group participated and were pleased with their projects. Norma and Bob joined us for dinner on Thursday when the projects were fired and returned to us. They shared their family’s journey during the evacuation last year.

 Penne, who runs a local Bed and Breakfast, also share with us her work as an Emergency Services Worker with people who needed assistance and her personal story of her need to leave the town as well. She indicated how important it is for families to have Go-Bags prepared so you can leave in short notices. She challenged us to how well prepared we all were in the event of a tragedy that can happen anywhere anytime.

Saying goodbye to a few short term volunteers and our cook Connie was difficult but we all know that we will stay friends forever.

Submitted by Robert, Karen, Connie, Heather, Jonathan and Matthew, our short term volunteers, RV volunteers and World Renew friends.