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Williams Lake, B.C., Weekly Report, Aug 27-31, 2018

September 7, 2018

The last week off August brings a new change to our leadership team and  two of the homes are coming close to completion.

We say goodbye to our World Renew volunteers. Their dedication to work and the skills they bring to the MDS unit are commendable. Thank you for making this month a fun and productive time. You are definitely the champions of our nightly Wizard game and jigsaw puzzles.

Joan Scheffler’s home had the lineoleum floors laid throughout the bedrooms, halls, bathrooms, kitchen and living area. The electrical fixtures and switches were completed. The outdoor railings were finished and the stairs made. Cement pads were poured at the bottom of each set of stairs. The baseboards and trim throughout the house were installed and the painting completed

In the Jim and Sue Carlson’s home the drywall mudding was completed and sanded. The walls were primed and the final coats of paint were applied. The basement walls were studded and insulated. The windows and doors were installed. The floors were prepped for the sub floors. Some landscaping with the help of the owner was started. With the help of a skilled RV team many changes were seen this week.

In Sandi Chilton’s home the plumbing for the supply lines and drains were completed and ready for testing. The soffits and fascia were started and all of the windows and doors inserted. The pot lights, switches and the venting were completed. Insulation of the walls was started and some trees were cut down and landscaping done.

Our unit had visitors from the Winnipeg office. Ross Penner joined us for four days and planning was done to start the fourth home in Risky Creek. We appreciated his support during the change of Project Director and Office Manager. Welcome Dave Brubacher and Donelda Friesen to the unit for the month of September.

We were also treated to a special meal on Thursday evening cooked by May MacDonald. She prepared a Taiwanese meal for us. Thank you May for a very delicious alternative to our traditional Mennonite cooking.

It is with both sad and cheerful hearts that we say good bye to Williams Lake. This community has welcomed us with open arms we will miss you. God’s blessings to those still continuing the work here and to the local community as well as the BC Unit who are the supportive group behind this recovery.

Completed by: Robert, Karen, Esther, Barbara, Matthew and Brydon.