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Williams Lake, B.C., Weekly Report, Aug 20-25, 2018

August 30, 2018

The weather in Williams Lake remains on the mind of everyone. The smoke and cloudiness reminds us of the fires still burning in British Columbia but also brought us cooler weather so that work is more bearable. We are thankful that all of our volunteers arrived with very few delays.

We welcomed six new volunteers from World Renew and five women from Altona Manitoba. It did not take long for the unit to light up with laughter and fellowship.

Joan Scheffler’s home is receiving its finishing touches. All of the painting is completed and the railings and stairs are in place. Her basement walls have the drywall hung. Sub floors were laid and vinyl flooring has been put down in the bedrooms. Work still needs to be done on the outside trim, electrical work and indoor trim.

Jim and Sue Carlson’s home has the drywall and mudding in the final stages. Sanding of the walls and ceilings was started this week. Final work on the plumbing (the pressure testing worked) and deck continues. In the basement, the cement was poured and windows were installed and insulated. Thanks to all the RV campers who spent their days working with Sue and Jim.

Sandi Chilton’s home had the plumbing started and the electrical work done. Trenches were made to the lagoon to lay pipes to accommodate the waste disposal in this area where septic tanks are not used. Work was started on the soffits and fascia. The owner and her daughter made a visit this week and were excited about the handicap access for the house.

We welcomed Sandy and David Dixon to dinner on Wednesday evening. They shared their personal evacuation story as well as David’s work in the local evacuation plan for the Town of Williams Lake and outlying district. Headquarters were set up in a local school. Everyone left town and headed to Kamloops. All but one person returned. Work with MDS, Red Cross and Samaritans Purse was started immediately after the evacuation. There was an outstanding effort by the leadership of the town. He left two thoughts with us: “We need to think ahead -what would we take with us if our family was asked to leave their home?” and ultimately the question ‘‘what is important in life?’’

  We say good bye to Maria our cook, who has served heartwarming dinners and desserts.  A special treat for our Altona friends was Wareniki with cream and plum sauce. The oh’s and ah’s continued throughout the whole meal.

We also wish to congratulate Gordon and Maria on their 40th wedding anniversary. May your trip home be memorable!

We are also saying farewell to Jonathan who has been with us for 8 weeks. We appreciate your musical contribution to our morning devotions and the leadership you took with the teams of volunteers. All the best as you return to Columbia Bible College.

This week like many others has gone too fast. The laughter and the work will not be forgotten. A special thank you to the Altona girls and may God continue to bless you as your return to your jobs and community. May your friendship be a lifetime of great experiences!

Submitted by: Robert, Karen, Maria, Jonathan and Matthew