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Williams Lake, B.C., Weekly Report, Aug 13-17, 2018

August 27, 2018

Our week started with three new volunteers. Welcome, Maria our new cook, her husband Gordon and Roman. The remainder of the team spent the weekend together and were well acquainted with their jobs from the previous work.

Richard and Marlene from the World Renew team treated us to a barbeque on Saturday because they have a BBQ built into their motorhome. On Sunday some of the team attended the Community church downtown Williams Lake which is a church plant for the Christian Reform church. The pastor and wife will be joining us this coming week for a meal.

The mayor of Williams Lake came during the week to extend his best wishes to us.

Joan Scheffler’s home received the final sanding on the drywall and then painted with primer and final coats of paint on the ceilings and walls. Two coats were painted in the kitchen, and hallways. The final coats on the other rooms will be done next week. The facings on the gables were completed and the exterior trim was primed and painted. The porch jig was made to assist with locating the balusters on the railings. The first railing was completed and installed.

At Jim and Sue Carlson’s home the gravel in the basement was compacted and the area cleaned up. The vapour barrier and plastic were placed. The beams were stained and planking stabilized for the deck. L brackets were screwed onto the porch. Five local First Nations men came to help this week because they were waiting for materials to arrive for the job they were currently doing. They cut and placed the rebar for the basement floor and helped to build the deck. They were a pleasure to work with and the interaction was a heartwarming.  Dry walling and mudding on the main floor continued as well as the finishing touches on the plumbing. The supply water lines were placed. On Friday the cement floor was poured in the basement.

We said goodbye to Fred the crew leader who needed to return home. A special thank you for his many weeks of service. Tom and Linda have also left the RV project. We will have a whole new team on this location next week. Three of our Long Term youth volunteers helped out on this site for a week.

Sandi Chilton’s had the sheeting laid, fascia completed and preparations for insulation done. The tin roof was placed by midweek and work started on the deck which was completed by Friday. The railings will be built next week .The basement plumbing was roughed in and door chains completed. Sandi came and had dinner with us on Friday night and shared her evacuation story and how it feels to lose all of her the things she treasured.

This week we say goodbye to Heather who has been with us for eight weeks. She has made many friends in this community and took part in the young adult bible studies and activities. All the best Heather as you head back to school at Columbia Bible College.

We also say goodbye to the two couples Richard and Marlene and Royce and Pietie from World Renew who have been with us for two weeks. You have inspired us, extended your friendship and worked hard at the projects here in Williams Lake. May God’s blessings to all of you.

There have also been a number of volunteers from the BC Unit come and work. The dedication and support from them has encouraged and helped to make things run smoothly. Thank you BC MDS Unit. 

This community continues to struggle with the news of ongoing fires across British Columbia. The smoke smell, the news of more evacuations and the continual loss of homes weighs on everyone. One may ask ‘How will we ever get everything done? Will the power of nature ever stop bringing humanity to its knees? We know that God has promised that he will never abandon us and we can take courage in his promise.

Greeting to all from Williams Lake.

Submitted by: Robert, Karen, Gordon, Maria, Jonathan and Matthew