Alberta Unit

Welcome to the MDS Alberta Unit. 



The new sea-can is in place, which will serve as a storage unit for tools. This makes it possible to actually equip our tool trailers for the specific job at hand, instead of climbing over or unloading “clean- up” tools when we are doing a “rebuild” job. We are grateful for the donation from the estate of Theodore Janzen that made this possible.

Quick Stats

Alberta Unit Officers

Unit Chair – Henry Warkentin 

Unit Vice Chair – James Dyck 

Unit Treasurer – Richard Goerzen

Unit Secretary – Harold Friesen 

News, Updates, & Events

Weekly Report – Fort McMurray

This week we have pushed very hard to accomplish a long list of items so that our homeowners might get to move into their homes soon. We have dry walled Read More…

Weekly Report – Fort McMurray

We had extra help this week in Fort McMurray as the executive director for Region 5 joined the project so we were able to continue making excellent progress. As the Read More…

Weekly Report – Fort McMurray, Alta.

It’s been another extremely busy week in Fort McMurray as we only have a few short weeks to finish up the houses and welcome the homeowners back into their new Read More…

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