Region 3

Region 3 is comprised of 13 units and 407 congregations. This region covers 1,258,298 square miles.

News, Updates, & Events

Moving into Hope Meadows: “We are really ecstatic about this new home”

When Hurricane Harvey finally swirled away from the Texas coast in August 2017, Pete Villarreal went to inspect his mobile home in Victoria. He recalls the painful sight: “Large branches Read More…

The Adventures of Lefty and Bill: Hurricane Harvey and the time Lefty ran a red light

William Stutzman A quick introduction.  I, William, am “Bill”.  My left-handed uncle Merle is the one called “Lefty”. “A hurricane’s tempest contains an ocean’s worth of water.”  In late August Read More…

Pine Ridge, SD – Weekly Report – May 6-10, 2019

Joining us this week from Yellow Creek Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana, was a group of ten experienced MDS volunteers. This was the second week of service for two volunteers Read More…

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