Region 2

Region 2 is comprised of 9 units and 644 congregations. This region covers 465,721 square miles. 

Region 2 Annual Meeting 2021, Oct. 22-23, location TBD

News, Updates, & Events

Cleanup continues in wake of Hurricane Ida’s wide swath of damage

As power continues to come back in Louisiana, many residents are returning to survey severe flood damage from Hurricane Ida. Many other states are also reeling from deadly tornadoes and Read More…

Updated – MDS actively monitoring path of Hurricane Ida

MDS is monitoring the path of Hurricane Ida and reports of damage and destruction from the Gulf Coast through the NE U.S. The Category 4 Hurricane made landfall Sunday afternoon Read More…

Mount Vernon, Alabama

What: Hurricane Zeta damaged multiple roofs in the Mowa Choctaw Tribe in Mt. Vernon, AL. MDS has been asked to replace 35 roofs before Hurricane season 2021 begins. Many of the roofs are Read More…

MDS Projects in Region 2

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