Region 1

Region 1 is comprised of 15 units and 1008 congregations. This region covers 432,233 square miles and includes Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

News, Updates, & Events

Fort Myers, Florida, Weekly Report, Nov 5-9, 2018

Another enjoyable week has passed and everyone survived the heat. We picked up Laura Peters at the airport Saturday evening. She will be a crew leader. Sunday evening the volunteers Read More…

West Virginia Bridges, Weekly Report, Nov 5-9, 2018

Currently, we are located in Moundsville, West Virginia for a total of three weeks to build two bridges. Our second week in Moundsville is just wrapping up, but this is Read More…

Fort Myers, Florida, Weekly Report, Oct 29-Nov 2, 2018

This is the first report for the new long term volunteers that started October 29, 2018. The new project director Jim Byler came to the site October 27, along with Read More…

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