Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Oct 28-Nov 1, 2019

November 5, 2019

This week the long term team was joined by Bruce Kindy from Ohio. Our small group of 5 volunteers is now 6 and it is so encouraging to have Bruce here. This will complete our long term team until mid November. We did not have any short term volunteers this week so everyone was on the job site, including our cook, office manager and project director. So glad for flexible people.

Ms. Debra Byrd’s door jambs and window sills were inserted and we painted interior walls and some of the trim. Floors are scraped and ready for flooring on Monday when we anticipate 6 short term volunteers from Minnesota will arrive to assist us with that.

Mr. David Farris’s house had the door jambs and window sills placed as well.  Mr. David’s cousin treated those working on his home to a lovely meal at the 9rs Restaurant. She wanted to show her appreciation for the work being done, and those who feasted were touched by her kindness.

The folks at Restoration City have been feeding us so very well. They are an inspiration to us all as they soak in God’s word to renew their spirits. St. Stephen’s Baptist church served us lunch on Friday, an elder made roast chicken legs for us along with lovely sides. We work and we eat and are smiling with thankfulness.

The Wharton Recovery Team continues to be a great blessing to this community as they attempt to respond to the suffering of people who have been out of their homes for over two years.

The theme of our devotionals has very frequently been one of gratitude. The Lord is present and encourages us in so many ways we often overlook.

Marj Weber for the team here