Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Mar 9-13, 2020

April 2, 2020

There were some changes in our leadership this week. Dave and Patti Hughes from Ohio continued serving as Project Director and Office Manager. Crew leaders Chris Fogel of Albuquerque and Gerry Rempel of Manitoba were joined by Don Rheinheimer from Arizona. Our new assistant cook from Virginia was Casey DeYoung. Her husband, Russell, completed the long-term team.  Our weekly volunteers were four women from Pennsylvania and Kentucky who came together, and a group of ten men and one woman from Indiana.

The weather was warm in Texas this week with wind and a few sprinkles, but nothing to slow us down. We worked at eight different houses.

A crew spent one day at Juana Plasencia’s house on Ford Street to do some cleaning.  For the Williams house, also on Ford, there was cleaning to do and locks to be installed.  Both of these homes are ready for final approval for occupancy.

At the home of Virginia Moore which is being built on Outlar Street, we painted and installed trim, and did some ceramic tile installation.

For the Williams house, also on Ford, there was cleaning to do and locks to be installed.

At 1003 Burleson, the home of Donna Gooden, crews painted interior and exterior doors, did floor tile, and worked on cabinet and counter installation.

At Janie Gusman’s house in Kaiser Lane the last door was hung and some minor fixes completed. This repair job is nearly complete.

Mr. Jessie Allen’s house is also nearing completion. It was a challenge to hang new cabinets in an old house where things aren’t exactly plumb. Transition strips were needed following the laying of flooring last week. New sink and counters were installed and base trim throughout the house.

There were both interior and exterior jobs to be done for Alfred Davis’s house on Spanish Camp Road. Caulking had to be done on the siding, and drywall hung inside. Then of course cleaning up after the messy jobs. Scaffolding was taken down after the caulking was completed.

At 1025 Burleson, built for Annie Allen, the sidewalls were insulated. This was the beginning of the interior work.

We were treated to pizza for lunch one day this week. We had a meatloaf supper at Hesed house one evening and afterward went to look at the Colorado River. There was also a drive around the country to see the Brahman cattle for which Wharton is known. The crops are coming up here, giving a bright green to the fields. What we thought was corn turns out to be sorghum, and we had to stop one day to settle an argument over whether a certain field had been planted.

Unfortunately, our week was cut short as the order came that all MDS projects were to close due to the COVID-19 virus.  It is with sadness that we must say goodbye to Wharton, Texas and the friends we made here. The Wharton County Recovery Team has been doing a wonderful job of serving the flood victims of Hurricane Harvey and we are confident that their work will continue to bring these homes to completion. We have been treated with such kindness, generosity, and grace that it is truly hard to leave this place. Our prayers are with the people of this community, and of Restoration City in Hungerford where we stayed.

 Dave and Patti Hughes, final report for the Wharton MDS project, Spring 2020