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Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Mar 4-8, 2019

March 12, 2019

This was a week of leadership transition for the Wharton project. After opening the project and serving through January and February, Dave and Patti Hughes are prepared to hand over the reins to Illinois residents Lois and Wayne Hochstetler as Project Director and Office Manager, respectively. Crew Leader Marian Gochnauer will return to her Pennsylvania home on Friday. The new Crew Leaders are Maylon Peters of Montana and Clay Shetler of Indiana. We also added Doug Goertzen of Illinois as Construction Supervisor.

Our weekly volunteers this week consisted of twelve men from Pennsylvania, two gentlemen from Ontario, one couple from Ohio and another couple from Manitoba. All came with willing hearts and hands ready to work for the Lord in this community. We had a very productive week, aided by some dry and comfortable weather.

At the Allen home the crews finished hanging drywall and siding. It is ready for drywall finishing which is being done by local contractors. The exterior doors were hung and locksets installed.

The Baker home is also ready for drywall finishing. The siding and fascia has been started and the exterior doors are installed with the locksets as well.

We did not work much on the Enrique Tavares’ house. Some fascia work was done.  The people hired to shingle the house were working there this week.

Lily and Thomas Washington’s house progressed greatly this week. The crew placed the trusses on Monday and by the end of the week had all the sheeting on the roof. It is ready for an inspection.

For Mr. Sanford Floyd we finished hanging doors and completed some cleaning. This job was signed off this week.

We returned to the home of Julia Orta where we had replaced a roof. We are now working on replacing the plumbing and electrical throughout the house. Ms. Julia sent a thoughtful note to MDS, thanking us and explaining that she had been feeling hopeless and praying for help, and then help came in the form of volunteers to do this work.

Our dinner guests on Wednesday evening were members of the Wharton County Recovery Team. They explained how the volunteer labor that MDS brought to the table was instrumental in acquiring grant money for these houses to be built. The case managers told about their jobs of matching the unmet needs with the resources available. What challenges lie ahead as the recovery continues! We have been told repeatedly that the work we do lifts up not just the homeowners, but the entire community.

A personal note from Dave and Patti: We are grateful to the following folks for their work, caring, and dedication: the MDS staff in Lititz and Manitoba, our financial supporters, long term volunteers and weekly volunteers, the amazing people of the Wharton County Recovery Team and the West End Initiative, the supportive community partners from Wharton and elsewhere in Texas, the staff and residents of Restoration City, the local churches who provided Friday lunches, and the homeowners we have served. Blessings to y’all!

Dave and Patti Hughes for the Wharton team