Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Mar 2-6, 2020

April 1, 2020

Continuing this week in leadership were Dave and Patti Hughes from Ohio as Project Director and Office Manager. Doug Goertzen, our Construction Supervisor, completed his time here and returned to Illinois. We are grateful for all his help. Our Assistant Cook, Maredda Magnus finished her time in Texas and will be heading back home to Michigan.  She did a super job of having our lunch items ready for packing and made sure the dining room cleanup got taken care of each day. It was also the final week for Crew Leaders Marian Gochnauer and Chad Weaver from Pennsylvania. We had fun working with both of them and appreciate their experience and all they bring to the project. Chris Fogel and Gerry Rempel were new crew leaders at the project this week. Our weekly volunteers were a group of 13 hard working men from the vicinity of Gap, Pennsylvania. Aaron Wiebe from Alberta spent a second week on the project, and we were also joined by a friend of Doug who came from Illinois and worked part of the week.

At the home of Virginia Moore the flooring was finished, and we installed closet doors and shelves. Trim was painted and installed. Kitchen cabinets are to be put in next week.

At the home for Donna Gooden, tile was installed in the bathroom, painting was completed, and the door and base trim installed. The laundry area will be tiled next week, and kitchen cabinets installed.

We installed flooring, cabinets, counters and trim for homeowner Janie Gusman.

Work continued at the home of Mr. Jessie Allen with the painting of walls and installation of flooring. Some cleaning was done, and furniture moved back into place. He has been living in this construct zone. When he walked in at the end of the day on Friday and looked at it, he said “This is awesome!”.

Volunteers only spent a few hours at Alfred Davis’s house. Spray foam insulation was added. This is awaiting inspection before we can begin the drywall.

Built for Annie Allen, the roof shingling was completed. The plans for this house have changed and there will not be a handicap ramp. Interior finish work can begin next week. 

Occasionally one of our volunteers will share some very personal thoughts for devotions. This was the case this week as Chris told us about his experiences with health and vision problems. Our trials can bring us closer to our Creator, and we pray that this will prove true for the members of this community. We should be aware that many disaster victims were already having life challenges with health and family issues BEFORE they lost their homes and belongings in flood waters. Chad followed up by reminding us that God puts a story in each of us, and He likes to do things in peoples’ lives for which we cannot take credit!

We finished the week by attending the Lenten fish fry at Holy Family Catholic Church. They do a wonderful job serving hundreds of people the delicious fish with sides, including hush puppies – fried seasoned balls of cornbread batter.

One final note: Chad’s missing nametag was found and auctioned off for $10! You don’t want to lose things in Wharton.

 -Patti Hughes for the Wharton MDS project