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Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Mar 11-15, 2019

March 26, 2019

This was a week with a steep learning curve for Lois and me, because we were taking on MDS leadership roles for the first time. We are grateful for David and Patti Hughes, former Project Director and Office Manager, for allowing us to follow their work throughout the week. Now, with a week of experience, these roles do not seem quite as daunting; however, we have discovered there are many people who can very ably assist us. A special “shout out” goes to the Wharton Co. Recovery Group, who have shown a keen interest in making this as easy as possible.

A special challenge this week was sharing the campus of Recovery City with a group of 70+ college students and their sponsors, who were serving here with Thirst Ministries. Some worked on campus here and others worked in Wharton on projects of their own. We were not responsible for them, but the logistics of sharing a small space with a group composed of more than twice our size did have its challenges. I think our group managed quite well, and we had an excellent week of work and service.

The group this week was from Ephrata (PA) Mennonite School. They were enthusiastic and willing, and had sterling attitudes. Some of these young men and women will become leaders in the future. Their sponsors, school, and parents deserve much credit for the development of these young people.

On the job, important inspections approved the work that had been done in the prior week. As a result, external siding was finished on Houses 1 & 2(Allen, Butler), as well as their crawl space sheeting. Much of the skirting around those houses was also completed. An outside contractor completed the drywall mudding and texturing, so that next week internal painting can begin. 

In the warehouse the high school girls did a major job of painting the siding for House 3 (Tavares). Again, inspections allowed the electricity and plumbing to be installed by contractors.

On House 4 (Washington), the work crews installed the external sheeting and wrapped the house in Tyvek. They also built the front porch and steps. These houses are taking shape! On all four lots, major cleanup was done and the sites are more presentable (dry weather has helped!).

This week Job #1, Ms Linda Black, was finished. The skirting around the house was completed and the downspouts were installed. The job card was signed off. The job card was also signed by Mr. Floyd Sanford this week, so now the first ten jobs are signed off.

On Sunday, the Long Term Volunteers attended Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, which is the congregation which both Ms. Black and the Washingtons attend. Our attendance was appreciated. Afterwards we ate lunch at the church, which was the Pastor Appreciation annual event. We will send a check for a group activity.

In spite of the challenges of the week, and the youth of our volunteers, much work was accomplished, and all had a good time. Glory to God!

Lois Hochstetler, Project Director; Wayne Hochstetler, Office Manager, for the Wharton Team