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Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Jan 7-11, 2019

January 17, 2019

This was our first full work week in Wharton. We welcomed a group of seven men and six women from the Lebanon, Pennsylvania area to work with our seven long term volunteers who arrived last week.

Because of the problem with water leaking in the tool trailer, several volunteers remained in camp for the first two days to remove, wash, and paint shelves using mold blocker. They checked and cleaned tools and repaired the leak.

Most of our volunteers were assigned to a warehouse location where we are painting the siding and trim for the new houses we will build. This allows us to begin the new houses even though the foundations are not ready. We were able to prime and paint most of the siding for the first two houses and are ready to work on the interior trim.

At the home of Ms. Linda Black our crew repaired and shingled the roof and replaced her rear deck and the skirting around the house. This job is nearly completed. We need to hang gutters next week.

Mr. Tharman Martin is in a unique situation. He needs a heart transplant, but cannot get on the waiting list unless he has clean living conditions. To get him out of his moldy home, an RV has been offered to him and we are helping get that set up for him. It will be moved to his property next week.

For Ms. Julia Orta our volunteers replaced the roof. This involved replacing some of the sheeting, then felt and shingles. We also made repairs around a sliding door and replaced some studs. We pulled out old drywall nails and cleaned up the inside. Now others can proceed with the interior work.

If the piers are installed for the new homes we may begin building the rim joists next week. We will likely be assembling walls in the warehouse and moving them to the sites. There will be a few more roof repair jobs to work on as well. While we are disappointed about the delays on the new builds, we consider that God had plans for us to be involved with these other clients.

Ms. Black came to dinner on Wednesday evening and shared her story. It turns out that she graduated from high school in the very building where we have our dining hall. During the years of segregation this was a school for blacks. She told us how she could see the water coming at her house from all directions and she knew she had to get out. She was not able to obtain the financial aid to complete the repairs on her house, but she never stopped praying, never stopped believing that God would come to her rescue. And He did….He sent us. In her words: “Harvey was devastating; you’ve made a difference in my life”.

Patti Hughes for the Wharton team