Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Jan 27-31, 2020

February 11, 2020

This week the Long-Term Volunteers were joined by Jacob Bunnett, a young man from New Brunswick. He was then joined on Sunday by 15 eager weekly volunteers from Shippensburg, PA – 14 young females and 1 male. This continues a trend for the month of January of having many more women weekly volunteers than men volunteers, 47 women to 12 men for January.

This week the volunteers did a lot of painting. The weather was good for most of the week, so that the exterior of the house at 1003 Burleson was caulked and then painted with primer and finish. Using the scaffolding, workers swarmed all over that house, transforming the look of the house, and providing an excited response in the volunteers as they saw the difference, not only for this house, but also for the community. The interior of this house was also hung with drywall and is waiting for inspection. It will be finished by a local contractor.

At 301 Ford, the trim was installed, closets outfitted, the house was painted on the interior, and doors hung. At 213 Outlar the outside skirt was painted, and drywall hung. And at 320 Ford, the rear door was painted, and a few more details finished.

Next week, the exterior at Burleson will get a final coat, then scaffolding will be moved to Outlar for painting. Outlar will finish hanging drywall, then wait for inspection. And we hope to finish 320 Ford. All of this, however, is dependent on the weather / rain.

Because the houses on which we work are close to each other, the volunteers ate their lunches together; one day we did so at the Riverside Park, where they could see exactly how high the water rose during the flood in 2017. Evening activities again included the fire ring, singing in the office, and a tour of the J D Hudgens Brahman Cattle Ranch.

The group left to return to PA after the Friday cleanup. After prayers and blessings were shared, tears were shed and the group was off, prepared to drive straight through to their destination. We wish them God’s blessings as they return home.

On behalf of the Wharton Team, Wayne Hochstetler, Office Manager