Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Jan 20-24, 2020

January 28, 2020

Our weekly volunteers this week were two groups of females. One group of 10 was from Bedford County, PA, and the other group of 5 was from Listowel, Ontario. They worked together well, learned new skills, and all were excited to be part of this project.

This week we began the interior of two new homes which were given to us at the “dry” stage – enclosed and roofed. The women began to hang drywall, lay flooring, and install tile. Because we had good outdoor weather, we focused on exterior caulking and painting of siding and skirts.  The “look” of these houses changes so drastically with primer, then a different finish color, that the volunteers were quite excited about the changes they could see.

On the rainy day we had, we were asked by the Recovery Team to organize the boxes upon boxes of tiles that were donated by some stores who had some styles that were discontinued. These boxes were scattered within the Warehouse. The women took to this task eagerly, and carried these heavy boxes to a central area, organized them by type and number, and did it quickly. For some, this was actually a highlight of the week, because they did more than lift and carry; they sang and interacted in ways that brought our two groups together.

This next week we will carry these three houses forward. At the same time, the Recovery Team construction foreman, Damon Parker, is beginning to dig and pour cement for the pilings of two new houses for us. These will be ready for us in about two weeks, depending on the weather, and should keep our MDS volunteers occupied.

This week again, our volunteers chose to take a tour of the neighboring J.D. Hudgens Ranch, with its large array of Brahman cattle. This continues to be a highlight for the volunteers; many have never seen before this breed of cattle. Another highlight was singing together and teaching each other songs the others did not know. Evenings by the fire provided another venue for entertainment.

Written on behalf of the Wharton Team by Wayne Hochstetler