Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Jan 13-17, 2020

January 22, 2020

This week in Wharton was all-Canada. We had 14 weekly volunteers, 5 from Listowell, Ontario, and 9 from Rosthern, Saskatchewan. All were pleasant persons to have on site, and we spent much time singing and talking.

Our work this week was weather dependent. We did a lot of outside painting, tiled bathrooms, and some finish work such as hang doors, repair drywall, and cleaning. When we could not work outside, work shifted indoors. We also did some roof repair from the high winds which came through this past weekend. We were very pleased to finish our end of the work on job #19. The city will now need to do a final completion inspection and prepare an occupancy permit. We are hoping to have a house dedication or two in the near future.

Work has progressed on Job # 20 to the point where we are hoping to finish it this coming week. There is much painting and finish work to be done at 301 S Ford St, and it is progressing nicely. We will also undertake two new houses for us next week; both are now dry, which means we will hang drywall, finish it, do flooring, install cabinets, painting, and all that is associated with that stage of building.

Several volunteers attended the house dedications held at Bloomington, TX. This project of building 40 houses, coordinated by MDS, is being done by Storm Aid, Ohio, an Amish arm of MDS. It is a self-contained subdivision in Bloomington. We were invited to attend by the Chairperson of our Long-Term Recovery Team, because she wanted to see what it looked like. It was an honor to represent the Wharton Project.

The volunteers at Wharton continue to build relationships in the community. On the previous Sunday several of us attended St Stephen’s Missionary Baptist Church. By the Friday noon luncheon for the volunteers, coordinated by the Wharton County Recovery Team, a Board member of that Team relayed that he had heard we had attended, and that it was very much appreciated. Lois, Project Director, also attended the weekly coffee of the First United Methodist Church, Wharton. She told them about our work and answered questions.

The highlights of the week were evenings around the firepit, roasting marshmallows and talking; singing for devotions, and singing at night; listening to the 5 Ontario girls sing; and taking a guided tour of the J D Hudgens Ranch to see and learn about the Brahman cattle.

An inspirational thought shared this week was, “In our relationships, at home, at church, and at work, are we walking towards each other, or walking away from each other?” Maybe sometimes there is a mixture. Our desire is to walk toward each other, and to work together.

Submitted on behalf of the Wharton Team by Wayne Hochstetler, Office Manager