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Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Feb 4-8, 2019

February 13, 2019

We began this week with the same eight long term volunteers as last week, though we said goodbye to Bruce and Elma Dyck who left on Thursday.  We added thirteen men and women to our team from the vicinity of Gap, Pennsylvania. There were also two men from Iowa and two men from Saskatchewan as weekly volunteers. It is amazing how we form a new team each week and enthusiastically continue the project.

At the Allen house this week we installed the deck and trusses for the porch and put up exterior sheeting and Tyvek wrap. Some of the windows were installed and the doors will be put on after the shower stall is delivered and brought inside.

For the Butler house, the crews put the deck and roof on the porch and installed the sheeting and Tyvek on the exterior of the walls. This house is also waiting for a shower to be delivered before being closed in.

The third house was begun this week for the Colemans. The rim joists and floor joists were placed and most of the floor sheeting was nailed in place. We should be ready to frame walls next week.

We are still waiting for the pier holes to be drilled for the home of Thomas and Lily Washington. The Hardie board siding was painted at the warehouse and left to dry over the weekend.

On Wednesday evening we were invited to talk about MDS at the chapel service here at Restoration City where we are staying.  Patti spoke about how MDS helps bring hope to communities by rebuilding homes for those impacted by disasters. Then Dave explained how MDS is structured in regions and units and about the role of the Church Contact Person in a congregation. After that, the weekly volunteers sang some hymns in their typical harmonizing style. This was followed by some harmonica music from volunteer Bill Peters. The local church members were blessed by this, and the pastor said they should consider getting out their hymnals. They usually sing more contemporary music as they did when their worship time continued. What a variety of ways in which to praise our Lord!

Early Thursday morning Dave, Patti, Marco and Noah left for Tucson to attend the All Unit Meeting. Crew leaders Marian and Chad were left to lead the project and did an outstanding job of keeping the work going. When rain halted work at the home sites they worked at camp to assemble a cement mixer that had been purchased. It can be wet and muddy at times, but we find ways to keep the project moving forward here in Wharton.

–Patti Hughes for the Wharton team 

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