Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Feb 3-7, 2020

February 11, 2020

15 volunteers came this week from east and west, with 13 arriving from Dayton, Virginia, and 2 from Wolf Point, Montana. This is a group with many skills, which we were able to utilize.

Rain this week challenged us to find work inside. The Burleson house passed drywall inspection, and it will be finished by a professional crew; we will pick it up from there next week. The exterior painting was finished, and the scaffolding moved to Outlar.

Ford is very nearly finished and will be awaiting final inspection next week. We hope that a residency permit will be granted soon.

The house at Ford was thoroughly cleaned and kitchen cabinets were installed. Final work is being done there.

The volunteers finished hanging drywall at the Outlar house, and it passed drywall inspection. Drywall finishing began immediately. When the weather dried up, scaffolding was erected, and exterior painting began.

Evening activities this week again included a guided tour of the J D Hudgens Brahman Cattle Ranch. We also had a tour of the Moses cotton gin, where the ginning of the last season had just finished. We sang together and enjoyed the campfire together.

This following weekend will be a transition period. Lois and Wayne Hochstetler, Project Director and Office Manager, respectively, and Eric and Grace Miller, Construction Supervisor and Assistant Cook, respectively, are finishing their work and returning to their homes in Illinois and PA. In their places David and Patti Hughes, from Ohio, Project Director and Office Manager, respectively, are returning. Doug Goertzen from Illinois has returned as Construction Supervisor, and Maredda Magnus, from Michigan, has arrived as Assistant Cook. Thanks to all these Long-Term Volunteers for their dedicated service to MDS.

On behalf of the Wharton Team, Wayne Hochstetler, Office Manager