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Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Feb 25-Mar 1, 2019

March 5, 2019

Our new arrivals this week included six men from Ohio, five men from Ontario, and one couple from Pennsylvania. We formed a great team and enjoyed working together. With the six long term volunteers we had a total of nineteen volunteers on the project this week.

It was a very WET week in Wharton and crews sometimes worked in the rain. This did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm, however and great progress was made on the houses.

At the Allen home the exterior doors were hung. Drywall hanging was mostly completed and sheeting attached to the underside of the house. The siding was hung on the front of the house.

For the Baker home we also hung exterior doors and worked on drywall hanging. The drywall finishing is to be contracted to a local business for all the homes.

The third house, we learned, is no longer intended for the Colemans. They have been reassigned to a different lot and this will now be referred to as the home for Enrique Tavares. This house was awaiting inspections this week and we did not send a crew there except to do some cleaning. Work will resume there next week.

We began work on the home of Lily and Thomas Washington on Monday with the rim joists and floor joists. Next was the sheeting for the floors followed by exterior walls and interior walls. It is nearly ready for the trusses which were delivered on Friday and will be placed on Monday by the next team of volunteers. The work on this house was all outdoor work and the volunteers braved heat and cold and rain to get it to this point.

We completed the flooring for Sanford Floyd this week and did plumbing work to get him a functioning bathroom and kitchen. This included kitchen sink, toilet, tub, and water heater. We hung some interior doors, and then pressure washed the outside and did thorough cleaning of the inside so he is able to move in now.

On Wednesday evening Mr. Isaiah Coleman joined us for dinner. His will be the fifth house built for Wharton County Recovery Team’s West End Initiative. The piers are poured, but it will be built after MDS closes the Wharton Project. He said he was delighted to be with us and that we are a blessing to him and his community. He said that when he returned to his home after being evacuated and smelled the odor of rotted food in his house it was like a “gut shot” to a boxer. He knows that there are better times ahead because God is in this; God listens and grants wishes, desires, and needs.

One volunteer shared in devotions this week about the tragic losses and hardships in his life, and also about the positive aspects.  We were all touched by his courage in sharing and his statement that it is not OUR plan, but GOD’s plan at work in us. He concluded with the quote “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”

We said goodbye at the end of the week to crew leader Chad Weaver and year-long volunteers Noah Schulz and Marco Tiessen.  We wish them well and appreciate all they have done for the Wharton project.

Patti Hughes for the Wharton team