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Wharton, TX – Weekly Report – Feb 18-22, 2019

February 26, 2019

This week we welcomed two groups of short term volunteers to the project. There were two couples from LaCrete, Alberta and a group of seven men and four women from the East Earl, Pennsylvania area.  Everyone arrived with enthusiasm and a heart to get to work.

There were a number of miscellaneous jobs to do on our first two houses this week. At the Allen and Baker homes we poured concrete pads for the porch stairs, then cut and assembled the steps. Railings were added, giving the homes a slightly finished look. The exterior doors were painted and are ready to be installed next week. A contractor came and put in the insulation. The electricians were working inside, so we continued with exterior work, building and attaching skirting to enclose the area around the piers. There is more of that to build next week, and again, it adds to the finished appearance of these houses. Drywall hanging was started in the Baker house, and interior doors arrived at the warehouse where they are being painted.

The third house, for the Coleman’s, is just a few steps behind the first two. Here we worked on drywall in the utility closet. Windows were put in place and work proceeded on the porch roof, floor, steps, and railings. Interior doors were being painted for this house as well.

The piers for the Washington’s house were poured this week, so we can begin work at that site next Monday.  Meanwhile, the exterior doors were painted.

We returned to Sanford Floyd’s house this week where we had started working on installation of vinyl floor tile. At the request of Wharton County Recovery Team we are also doing some plumbing to get his bathroom and kitchen into usable condition. He needs to be able to move back in soon.

A group of volunteers elected to go out for barbecue at a local restaurant this week. On Friday, the church that served us lunch chose to bring in barbecue as well. So we are getting a taste of Texas cuisine.

Patti Hughes for the Wharton team