WV Bridges

Project Status: Active
Project Needs: Rebuild Private Stream Bridges after Flooding
What Happened:

Several flood events in the spring of 2015 damaged more than 300 private stream crossings (bridges) in southwest West Virginia. A private bridge is often the only access to the road. Homeowners whose bridges were damaged must now drive through the stream bed, use a neighbor’s bridge if they can, or park on the other side of the stream. The government cannot help directly because these are private bridges.

What MDS Is Doing:

Together, with the West Virginia VOAD, MDS is rebuilding private bridges in Lincoln County, WV and the surrounding area. Since the project started in late 2015, MDS teams have constructed more than 25 bridges. The work involves physical labor, working with concrete and steel for the structure, and working with oak planks for the bridge decking.

At present, MDS has completed 42 bridges. To see photos of some of them click here.

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