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West Virginia Bridges – Weekly Update – October 9-13, 2017

October 27, 2017

WV Bridges is back. Wherever we go, meeting people, or going into our regular shopping places, the immediate greeting is “You are back. We have been waiting for you!”.  When we went for some purchases in the local hardware store, they mentioned that our casual purchases last year had been significant in keeping their struggling enterprise afloat.

This was a week of excellent help from the family.  Arnold Hensley dug right in and was ready and waiting for our volunteers each morning. Jonell Hensley said she had not seen Arnold so happy in many years. Casey Hensley, their son, and Arnold’s brother from down the road helped as well.

It was good to see David Boggs from the Elmer Brown bridge come to help us. We even gave him back his shovel from four months ago, that had landed up in our tool trailer.

Volunteers were three guys from New York, Manitoba, and Iowa. Brad Baer, Josh Neufeld, and Morris Yoder worked hard to replace a crew of six. Thanks also to Kurt and Georgann Melby, and Steve Hanhart for helping us finish a great week.

Peter and Susan Thiessen

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