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West Virginia Bridges-Weekly Update- October 23-27, 2017

November 3, 2017

We were blessed this week to have a group of West Virginians helping West Virginians. It was a week of leadership listening to their stories instead of us giving info on coal mining, poverty, social issues etc. We had one added member to this group who had moved to PA but joined his friends this week.

We had the rainiest work day in the two years of doing 34 bridges. But we were resilient and with raincoats on, or diving under shelter during a squall.  Concrete was still prepared and poured at the end of the day. We were blessed with brownies and coffee in the home of Will and April Miller.

On Thursday we finished the Terry Miller Bridge with a dedication. It included signing our names on the side of the white beams, and having the homeowners attaching the corner reflectors – thus finishing the bridge.

We followed this with giving the Miller family a quilted wall hanging, reminding them of the many people behind the scenes praying for them. This gave us an opportunity to share about MDS in North America.

The quilt brought some interesting stories. April Miller noted who made the quilt and was interested in contacting this person through the church.  Mike Miller, a volunteer, noted that the church named on the quilt was a church his father had been a pastor of for some time. It was quickly determined that an old deer mount would be replaced by the quilt in their home, and be a constant reminder of the bridge crew, and friendships made.

The dedication ended with a wonderful prayer by Lester Lind. Many tears were shed, and hugs were generously shared all around.

Thanks to Tyler Brenneman, Mike Miller, Jeff Sickler, Gary Mininger, Lester Lind, Kurt and Georgann Melby, and Steve Hanhart.

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