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West Virginia Bridges, Weekly Report, March 12-16, 2018

April 11, 2018

We had a dedication for the Connie Vance Bridge in the middle of the week this time around. So when a case worker showed up to visit her client, she was surprised to be there for a bridge dedication, totally not planned. It is so nice that all the people involved in getting this bridge done can be there for the completion of the bridge.

The weather forecast was for a snow storm – we convinced our volunteers that the weather usually is better on the other side of the mountain. Well not this time, they had to battle 8 inches of wet sloppy snow and mud!!

We then went on to start a new bridge on Wednesday for RJ and Martha Adkins, and Bucky. Bucky was a deer they raised from birth when they found him at the side of the road. They have realized that he would not eat cheap white bread.

Once again we had a returning group, and these came from Forest Hills church in PA. It is nice to see familiar faces once again.

Though Clendenin is a place in despair, one entrepreneur, has put up a new dairy ice-cream barn. We gave them 17 new customers on Wednesday night just before closing time, and the cost was $22.00. Peter told them that they had made a mistake with the bill. Nope, sundaes are $1.25.

An indication of the local economy was the inability to find any car wash within 30 miles of our site. Numerous car washes around, but all are shut down. Good old bucket, brush and water hose came to the rescue.

We said goodbye to Connie G after 4 weeks as a cook, and welcome Walter and Lorraine Wiebe here as the new cooks for the next four weeks.

We are working on two houses as well. The Grey house got a nice new ramp built this week, despite all the mud, rain and snow. The Darnell house got all new inside doors, floor finished, and the trim and doors all got painted. We are grateful for all those that give of their time to come and help.

Peter and Susan Thiessen

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