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West Virginia Bridges Report

April 12, 2016

Spring has arrived with beautiful blooming trees, flowers and snow. Thankfully the snow does not stick around for long.

This week we were working on Mr. Tony’s bridge. He and his family live in a narrow holler. That means only a very narrow road that only allows for one vehicle at a time. They do not have room to park their vehicles close by as either the passenger steps in the water to get in and out, or they get complaints from those driving by – especially school buses – that they just don’t have room to pass.

A lot of silt had totally clogged up the culvert over the years, so that the crew had to first dig it out, as well as load a lot of dirt onto their dump trailer and haul it away. But where should they haul it to? Thankfully Tony had a neighbor a few doors down who was able to take it. Each bridge brings different things for the crew to deal with. After the disposal of dirt they could get on with the business of building bridges. Rain was also a bit of an issue this week. Mr. Tony has a nice little shed where he repairs off-roading equipment that the guys invaded to get out of the liquid sky.

Proof that bridges are needed! One of our volunteers piggybacked the daughter of a client across the stream, so she wouldn’t get her high heels stuck in the mud. It was enjoyed by all, including the grandma across the street, who happened to be watching.

Qwirkle, Black Seven and puzzling keeps us entertained during the evenings. We have discovered a race track where the younger guys in the group seem to enjoy racing against each other once a week. We also have some energetic people who run. It is a bit hard to find good places to do this, but they manage to get some exercise in. After all the good food, this is a good idea.

Norm, Clara, Drew, Mat, Jake, Marion, Chuck, Peter and Susan



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