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West Virginia Bridges Project Update 04-15-16

April 21, 2016

Report for week ending 03-15-16 – West Virginia Bridges

What is in a name? To most of us the name Mennonite is as familiar to us as toast and jam. But to the people of West Virginia it means either a new bridge or a sale of a product that is needed to complete these bridges. Or do we call it “name calling”? Mostly we have a good laugh and go on doing what we should. So we have been Memyonites, Minninites, and the latest it was Midnight Disaster Service. At our last check I don’t think we have been too destructive at midnight as there is a lot of complaining of sawing logs, loud engines noises etc. at this hour. We work our guys hard and they are fast asleep at midnight.

The bridge for Mrs. Connie was in a beautiful location in the back woods of Lincoln County. The roads were pretty steep and we had a bit of a chug getting the track hoe in. Volunteers were heard to comment “next time I’m getting out and walking down the hill”.

In order to get the track hoe back out at the end of the week, Dennis had to drive it two miles up the mountain to a location where it was safe to once again load it on the five wheel trailer. Fun was had by all.

Mrs. Connie and her family cooked two great lunches for us, giving us time to get to know them a little better. Thanks to the weather we also enjoyed sitting out in the sun, just taking in the warmth.

We look after each other well. Mat was driving truck and dump trailer picking up riprap. Because we knew he would miss lunch the guys thought they would help him out with making him a sandwich. Bread, half-cup mayo, orange peel, pickles, & veggie dip (a lot). They also did make him a nice ham and cheese sandwich. When he arrived on site, he dumped his load, grabbed a sandwich and off he went to pick up his next load. Of course he grabbed the first one made. When we teased him at dinner, he kind of had a puzzled look, and said that he had been so hungry that he had never even noticed till the end. That’s when he realized the orange colored stuff was not cheese. Poor guy, not! Love you Mat.

More Mennonite saga. Bill Frye, our machine shop guy, had a dream. A certain Mennonite from Alaska (Norm) met up with a brown bear. Bill, who by now thinks quite highly of us, tossed and turned wondering who would survive the confrontation. Bill called me the next morning and I was able to assure him that Norm was still building bridges. His response was “I knew those Mennonites were tough”. The story must be true because Norm was so energized that week that we finished a bridge in four-and-a-half days.

So long for now – Peter, Susan, Norm, Clara, Drew, Jake, Mat, Steve, Galen, Marty and Dennis.






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