West Virginia – Weekly Report – April 26-30, 2021

May 7, 2021

This was the final week for Dave and Patti Hughes from Ohio. Our cook, Pat Gilliland, arrived from Kansas. As equipment operator this week we had Larry Thompson, and his brother and dad joined us for the week.  They are from Virginia.  Two other men, another from Virginia and one from Pennsylvania, completed the team.

We were back at the Canterbury property on Poca Fork Road on Monday. It had rained over the weekend so things were somewhat wet, but they succeeded in tilling the area and spreading the last of the grass seed and straw. One volunteer called this “the icing on the cake”.

Tuesday presented a problem as the equipment had not been delivered to the Sloan property where we were to continue working. They moved some gravel by shovelfuls and assembled the gabion baskets. We have some gabion basket experts now.

The rest of the week was spent filling the baskets with rip rap and sorting through a huge pile of debris from the old bridge. Two trailer loads of debris were taken to the landfill. Again, the icing on the cake: smoothing out the soil and finishing with grass seed and straw, and a load of crushed stone for the top surface of the approaches and driveway.

It was a fantastic week with meaningful devotions in the mornings and hilarious storytelling in the evenings.   It has been a joy to meet all the volunteers each week. They bring such energy and enthusiasm to the project.

The decision has been made to not begin another bridge at this time, so this was the last week for the project this spring. Pat will go to help cook at a Storm Aid project in White Sulphur Springs for one week before flying home. We certainly appreciate the long hours our cooks put in to feed us delicious meals.

Patti Hughes for the West Virginia Bridges team