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Weekly Report – W.Va. Bridges

October 25, 2016

It was the first week back for the crew in West Virginia and in five days they completed a bridge for the Muncy family. The new bridge will be used by three different homes and many children.

This bridge had been delayed for quite some time due its location and the time it took to drive from headquarters. It made for long hard days but the group of volunteers finally completed it on Friday afternoon.

The family was very grateful and they viewed the bridge building as fun entertainment, being constant spectators as the volunteers worked throughout the week. The family fed the workers a great lunch each day and personally escorted volunteers to various businesses to gather supplies.

After a long hard day, Dairy Queen became a frequent stop among the volunteers on their way back home.

This week it’s on to a new project. Peter was out with the engineers last week gathering information and looking at potential new projects.


Thanks to Lee, Torrin, Sam, Lloyd, Andy, Jim, Nelson, Cliff, Ken, Steve, Peter, Susan and Pat our cook. What a great week.

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