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Weekly Report – W.Va. Bridges

February 1, 2017

This week began with rain all day Monday and since it can flood so quickly here, the fire crews at the hall were monitoring the creek rise behind us. It rose quickly throughout the day but they were prepared to move vehicles out of the RV lot if necessary.

This didn’t happen and by Tuesday the creek had gone done. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case where we were going to build the next bridge. The water was too high there to start any work.

Our crew of four short term volunteers arrived on Sunday evening, traveling in from Pennsylvania. Don also arrived as a crew leader on Sunday for the week.

On Monday, because of the higher water at the new bridge site, the crews finished up some work on the bridge that was almost completed last week. The following day supplies were taken to the new site to begin the work there. The bridges we have been working on are an hour’s drive away from the fire hall, so each day includes a lot of driving time.

On Tuesday evening Steve and his wife joined us for our evening meal and shared with us some history of the fire station where we are staying. We had an enjoyable time sharing the evening with them.

On Wednesday the crew was cleaning up debris from one of the bridges that had been torn out and rebuilt earlier in the year. The sun came out and it was a beautiful day in the 60’s. Our cooks are very versatile, so they have been enjoying working out on the crew occasionally, as well as doing the cooking.

On Thursday, to make sure folks can get to their homes while their new bridge is under construction, a footbridge was built before the old driving bridge was taken down. Several guys had a dip in the cold water of the creek on Friday to set up the scaffolding for the center of the new bridge.

As always, the part of the week we dislike the most is telling our short term volunteers goodbye. We start out the week as strangers and end up as friends and we hate to see them go. We are so grateful for the wonderful volunteers who come each week and the great work they do to bring bridges to the folks here in West Virginia.

The WV Bridges Team: Kevin, Eugene, Don, Lillian, Louise, Mike and Linda

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