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Weekly Report – W.Va. Bridges

January 24, 2017

Work has begun again with bridge building in West Virginia. Some of us arrived the week of January 9 to begin prep work in anticipation of the first build in January. The office and meeting area was set up once again in the Fire Hall and we met the great folks who are letting us use their space.

Wendell was very helpful as we “learned the ropes” here. Two young men from Iowa joined us later this week, one of whom will be our heavy equipment operator for a month. Our two young cooks from New York arrived on Saturday and we are already enjoying their tasty meals.

On Sunday evening our first short term volunteers arrived from Indiana. They, along with the long term volunteers, were ready for work Monday morning. It’s been quite rainy here so things are fairly saturated but the work is moving forward. On Monday excavation was done and the pilings were put in place.

On Monday night it rained most of the night so work started a little later on Tuesday but fortunately it cleared off for a good workday. Tuesday the pilings were finished and the concrete abutments were poured. The I beams were set, rip rap installed, and decking was put on at the end of the week. Because of the weather, we didn’t quite get finished but we should complete it next Monday.

We haven’t seen much sun here but hope for more of that next week! It’s unusual winter weather for January though – 60’s and 70’s many of the days.

The WV Bridges team:  Kevin, Eugene, Lillian, Louise, Mike and Linda

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