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Weekly Report – W.Va. Bridges

November 10, 2016

For the first at the West Virginia Bridges project the team placed a concrete deck on an existing bridge structure. Prior to this every bridge built or restored, consisted of a two by four wooden deck. The completion of this bridge finally gave the Sias family full access to their house and they are overjoyed.

The team also restored a concrete bridge to its original elevation by jacking it up and underpinning it with steel piles and beams. This was the focus until Tuesday morning, when a neighbor who shared use of the same bridge told everyone to stop the project. They explained the mandate to the home owner and showed him all the signed contract and permits that were in place. A local sheriff came to diffuse the border dispute, and they continued the project. This brought a whole new focus to bridge building. The devotions and prayers shifted to relationship building and seeking to demonstrate peace and friendship.

The cook this week was a professional dietitian. Sunday night she offered to make supper for the staff, and it started with four “green” bags of stuff on the table. Peter asked her if this was a reflection of the week to come. They ate very well all week, even though the crew razzed her all week about healthy eating.

This week one of the volunteers was from Burma. Thursday morning during devotions he shared his testimony of being a Christian in a dominantly Buddhist country. Because of persecution he and his family were able to come to the USA as a refugee. It was a beautiful reminder of the worldwide body of Christ.

A great week was had Peter and Susan, Lester and Mary Beth (West Virginians), Steve, Harold, Jeremy, Sung, Phil, Ron, and crew leader Steve.

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