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Weekly Report – W.Va. Bridges

February 27, 2017

We were blessed this week to have Roger and Bev Claassen, join us for two weeks. They have shared many MDS stories with us from all their journeys. What a gift to MDS.

Our other volunteers came to us from Pennsylvania. We had a tremendous time again, blending staff and volunteers. Every week it is a marvel to see how God provides just the right people for the task and setting at hand. The community that we worked in will not soon forget the three young boys who provided their own balance of work, and adventure, often more adventure then work. If they weren’t filling their rubber boots in the stream they were flagging down a local neighbor to get rides on a quad. It was a first for all of them.

The kitchen and the volunteer center will not soon forget the endless spunk of these young men. Curfews are meant to be broken. Trucks on the job sites were used for naps and junk food was inhaled nonstop. Even the firemen got involved and took the boys out on Thursday night to listen to the coyotes howl.

Friday was an exceptional day in West Virginia as it was 80 degrees in February. Finally the Canadian staff was rewarded for going south this winter. Who needs Palm Springs. We were blessed to share this day with Kevin King, Ross Penner, Ron Gunther, Rodney Burkholder, and Wayne Beitzel. We had some good discussions about the future of WV bridges. Thanks for coming guys.

Verda, Kelsey, Roger and Bev, Vernon, Dale, Lee, Austin, Tyrese, Xavier, Peter and Susan

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