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Weekly Report – Pine Ridge, S.D.

June 7, 2017

This week has been hectic at Pine Ridge. There have been some struggles in getting the building materials needed. The office has had three people working on it for three days so hopefully, through prayer, we will figure everything out.

The house build on the other hand has been moving together quite well. We have shingled the second house and put up all interior walls. We have welcomed four long term volunteers as well as eight short term volunteers all from Pennsylvania. These volunteers have been a great help to the project. The siding has been put up as well.

Also, the foundation for the third house has been poured and we have started with the flooring on that house. We have split the group of volunteers and half are working on site two and half on site three.

We are also anticipating and praying for electricians and plumbers to assist with the “drying in” of the houses. This is because we need to be prepared for the summer youth that will be working at Pine Ridge.

Although the office has been hectic and stressful, the houses are coming along quite well and we are praying that they continue to do so. We also pray the issues in regards to the building materials can be resolved as soon as possible.

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