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Weekly Report – Lake County, Calif.

February 15, 2017

We started the week with mostly new long term volunteers except for David Hagelgans, who has been here for the past month.

Our short term group this week was ten young men from Pennsylvania. We were fortunate to have mostly indoor work as rain continued for most of the week, but a few volunteers did some outside work on a shed for Stephan and Pam’s home. Sunshine of Friday was most welcome after weeks of rain.

Work at Stephan and Pam’s home also consisted of plumbing, sprinkler system and some other outside and cleanup activities.

At Marc’s home the emphasis was on finishing the electrical and plumbing. We are now ready for the rough-in inspection and are hoping to get the go ahead to start insulating and dry walling next week.

Pastor Shannon, from the United Methodist Church where we are being housed, spoke to us on Thursday evening. We learned more about the local community and its ongoing challenges in addition to the disasters that it has experienced.

From the long term staff: Jay & Twila Finkbiner, Charles & Virginia Gibson, Emanuel & Margaret
Gingerich and David Hagelgans,

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